Destiny 2: Should You Choose the Strand Grapple or Grenade?

Decisions, decisions.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

In Destiny 2 Lightfall, all classes are getting the Strand subclass, but they will all need to decide if they choose the Strand grapple or the Strand grenade. Of course, you can change your decisions whenever you’d like, and you can have both thanks to load outs, but which is better: the Strand grapple or the Strand grenade?

Should You Pick the Strand Grapple or Strand Grenade in Destiny 2?

Since Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans can access Strand, every class can eventually equip the Strand grapple. The Strand grapple is unique to Strand and allows you to create a grapple point anywhere on the map and zip around freely.

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Since the Strand grapple is equipped in the grenade slot, that means you will need to decide if you want the grapple or want the grenade. Our thoughts are that you should mess around with the grapple since it is the shiny new toy, but equip whichever ability works best for your build.

It looks like Hunters will be able to create powerful Strand grapple builds thanks to their Threaded Spike melee and the Silkstrike super. Every time you use the grapple, you’ll deliver a melee attack at the end of the swing. You’ll use the grapple to swing around the map, but using it to get to enemies will also reward you with an attack.

Titans, who are known for their strong melee attacks, will have a harder time deciding between the grapple and the grenade. While they can make solid up close and personal builds that suspend and sever their opponents.

Lastly, Warlocks will need to choose between the Threadling grenade and equipping the Mindspun Invocation Aspect to create Threadlings on grapple melee attacks. The best Warlock Strand build is focused around Threadlings, so the choice between the grapple and the grenade is equally appetizing.

Whichever you choose, you’ll pick the right ability for you. When in doubt, pick the Strand grapple since it is new and fun. Every other subclass has a grenade; pick the grapple and have fun with it.