How to Get the On Court Coach Badge in NBA 2K23

Find out how you can unlock the On-Court Coach Badge!

by Kara Phillips


NBA 2K23 is home to hundreds of quests and missions for the player to dive into outside of being on the court, and each mission has a rich reward for its dedicated players. The On-Court Badge is one of the badges NBA frequently revisits in its games, and due to its ability to call players and control a team, it’s a highly sought-after prize. But unlike most of the quests in 2K23, the On-Court Coach badge is tucked away for players to eventually stumble across rather than being accessible immediately. So read on to find out how you can unlock this coveted badge.

How to Unlock the On-Court Coach Badge in NBA 2K23

To unlock the On-Court Coach Badge, you will need to go through the ‘Becoming an On-Court Coach’ quest, which can be found under the Special Quests tab. The objective states that 25 leadership skills must be activated within games to unlock the badge. So the most efficient way to progress toward unlocking this badge is to keep playing matches and utilizing your already-unlocked Leadership Skills at every opportunity.

The On Court-Coach Quest becomes available after you complete Uncle Bobby’s main quest, and a notification from Zion Williamson will signify the availability of the new quest. Becoming an On-Court coach allows the player to call players onto the court, call for passes, and tell their teammates when to shoot. So any baller looking to take control of the game will want to achieve this status. Although players can call plays at any time, the On-Court Coach badge only increases the possibility of your player being acknowledged.

Unlike NBA 2K22, unlocking the On-Court Coach badge in 2K23 doesn’t require a specific grade during each match. Given the player is using their Leadership Skills, there’s no required A grade or higher. The only repetition of the quest is the need to activate Leadership Skills twenty-five times, so many games will need to be played.

NBA 2K23 is now available on Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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