How to Get the Territory Achievement in Stray

Getting the Territory achievement in Stray!

by Gordon Bicker


Stray has a vast array of trophies/achievements to unlock and many players will be wanting to prioritize getting some achievements over others at first. There are a few achievements that you have to be extra careful about collecting as they are missable. One such achievement that is missable is the ‘Territory’ achievement that requires you to scratch a good number of times. The process of going about scratching should be quite simple if you know how to do it and what you are actually looking for in terms of places to scratch. This guide article will take you through how to get the Territory achievement in Stray.

Getting the Territory Achievement in Stray

In order to get the Territory achievement, you will need to scratch in every chapter. It is important to know this before starting your playthrough so you can be sure to scratch whenever you find an area that you can interact and scratch with. Out of all the achievements on offer, this is one of the ones that can be quite easily missed if you are not actively looking for the areas to scratch.

How to Scratch in Stray

In order to actually scratch within the experience, you have to find specific areas on places such as trees or rugs that you can interact and scratch with. There will be a button prompt visible for you to press and get into position to scratch. When in position, you can alternate pressing the buttons/keys shown to continually scratch a little bit. When you perform a scratch, you can move on to the next chapter you need to scratch within. You will be getting this achievement by scratching with the loveable cat you play as in no time!

Stray is available now and can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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