How to Get the ‘Thank You for Playing’ Email and View All Stats From the Overwatch 2 Beta

Activision-Blizzard gives you a bit of a thank-you gift with some nifty stats.

by Elliott Gatica


It’s fun to check your stats when it comes to multiplayer games. Seeing your lifetime stats, K/D ratio, and other total amounts of numbers can give you an idea of where you are as a player. When the Overwatch 2 beta ended, it was possible to check your stats while playing the game. It’ll be in an email you may have missed or never got. Here’s how to get the ‘thank you for playing’ email where you can view all your stats from the Overwatch 2 beta.

How to Get the ‘Thank You For Playing’ Email From the Overwatch 2 Beta

In order to get the stats email, you would have to have actually participated in the beta which was out earlier this year. Unfortunately, many people were still out of luck when it came to getting into the beta because you had to sign up or receive the code through stream drops.

Either way, if you participated in the beta through any means, you should have or will be receiving the email regarding your overall stats. The email’s header should read, “Thank You For Playing the Overwatch 2 Beta, (player name)!” It’ll be followed by some community statistics like “pushing the payload an astounding 377,494 kilometers” and so forth.

Below, you’ll be able to see your Death Ratio, total eliminations, total healing administered, and total damage taken. This will be vastly different than those stats that you have in the first Overwatch.

So, not only do you have to have played in the beta, but you should also make sure that your account is as secure as possible. This includes having your email and phone number verified and possibly using the authenticator app as well. Then, you should receive the email. If it isn’t in your normal inbox, try looking in your spam.

You should eventually get the email, especially since it is tied to your account. All you can do if you haven’t gotten it is wait.

Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4, 2022. It’ll be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

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