How to Get the Top Score in Wanted: Dead in the Shooting Range

Make those perfect shots in the Shooting Range.

by Gordon Bicker

Wanted: Dead has a lot to explore within the main headquarters you return to after most of the missions, one of these exploration areas is the shooting range where you can practice your skills. Perhaps before you get to the Shooting Range near the Gunsmith’s Workshop you may even decide to take part in trying out the Crane Game for figures. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to get the top score in the Wanted: Dead shooting range.

Achieving the Top Score in the Wanted: Dead Shooting Range

In order to achieve the top score you will want to be precise with your target shots, we found it easiest to start from the left-hand side and quickly work your way along the bullseye of each target. A tip is to keep your gun aimed at one of the lowest points of the target head’s when you are preparing to fire into a clump of targets. This is because the recoil will move up to hit the other target’s bullseye behind it.

However, switching your firing mode to semi-auto will let you fire in semi-auto to give you the advantage of more precision. You will just have to skim around the targets quickly. Do not underestimate the value of the small overhead circle targets which move along the roof, these are vitally helpful to getting the top score so be sure to shoot them in the bullseyes whenever you can.

As a general strategy, aim for the head on body targets and precisely on the bullseye for circle targets.

Are There Any Extra Rewards for Getting the Top Score in the Shooting Range?

When you get a score above 13,000 in the shooting range you will get the trophy/achievement named ‘Sore Loser’ once completed. If you are aiming to collect every achievement available to you then you will indeed need to visit the Shooting Range at some point during the game to work towards the top score.

You will also probably want to learn how to switch your firing mode during this section of the range so it helps you even further as noted before.

Wanted: Dead is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.