How to Get the Touch of Malice Catalyst in Destiny 2

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by J.T. Isenhour


While getting the Touch of Malice back in Destiny 2 was already a treat for many players, the gifts just keep coming. Like many other exotics in Destiny 2, Touch of Malice has a Catalyst that can upgrade the weapon beyond its normal state. Many players noticed that the catalyst was not unlocked through a questline or world drop but was listed as being acquired in the King’s Fall raid. Let’s go over how you can get the Touch of Malice catalyst in Destiny 2.

How to get the Touch of Malice Catalyst in Destiny 2

Many players might think that you just need to complete the King’s Fall raid on the newly released master mode to get the catalyst for Touch of Malice. Luckily you don’t need to take on a challenge that difficult but you will need to do a few puzzles during the King’s Fall raid. Obviously, someone in your fireteam will need to have a Touch of Malice without the catalyst acquired in order for the puzzles to be activated.

First Puzzle – Relic Encounter

The first puzzle you will need to complete is right as you load into the raid. Before you begin the relic encounter, you will want to run toward where the portal appears at the end of the encounter and look to your left. You should see a building with several entrances. Go inside this building and you should see a glowing plate to stand on.

The person that wants to get their Touch of Malice catalyst will need to stand on this plate with the weapon equipped in order to begin the puzzle. Once they step onto the plat you should see a notification that relics have spawned. There are now four relics that have spawned in random places across the opening area that your team will need to find. The two relics that start the first encounter are not included in the four new relics that you need to find.

Once all of the relics have been found, you will want to assign a person to each relic and have them standing at it ready to be picked. Everyone will want to pick up their relic at the same time as it starts a timer. Before the timer runs out, each of the four relics must be brought to the Thrall statue behind the portal spawn.

The two players that are not carrying relics should focus on clearing out the Shriekers that target the relic-carrying players.  A good scout rifle should help clear out the Shriekers with ease. Make sure to wait at the Thrall statue for each relic to be there before dunking them all in. You will know that you succeeded if you get a notification that the statue hums with energy. Continue through the raid as normal until you reach Golgoroth’s maze for the next step.

Second Puzzle – The Maze

Before you reach the Golgoroth encounter you will need to make your way through his maze. Inside the maze, there is a secret chest that you can get by activating five plates throughout the maze in the correct order. To continue the catalyst puzzle you will need to unlock the secret chest. Once you collect your loot from the chest you will want to look around for a plate like the one that you stood on before the Relic encounter.

The plate should be amongst the crystals near the chest. Once you find the plate, the person going for the catalyst will need to stand on the plate with Touch of Malice equipped again. This will again spawn four relics throughout the maze and you will need to send everyone out to find them. Make sure they are all picked up at the same time once they are found as this will once again start a timer for all of the relics to be deposited.

Everyone will need to bring their relic toward the exit of the maze. Near the exit, you will want to look down the holes in the ground. One of these holes will not be a death pit but instead the Thrall statue that you need to dunk all of the relics into. After you have dunked the relics you can continue through the raid and fight the next boss.

Third Puzzle – The Wall

Once you have defeated Golgoroth you will arrive at everyone’s favorite part of King’s Fall, The Walls. You will want to activate all of the plats in this room as normal and then you should notice that the final plate will keep glowing. This is the plate that the person going for the catalyst will need to stand on to once again spawn the four relics throughout the room.

Once everyone has picked up their relics the same timer will start again. Everyone will need to make their way back to the start of the room and deposit their relics at the statue. This may seem difficult, but once you begin the challenge extra platforms will spawn throughout the room to make getting back easier. The non-relic carrying members of the team will want to provide cover by killing all the Shriekers that spawn throughout the room.

Once everyone has dunked their relics, some new platforms will spawn that will lead you and your team up to the Basketball Court easter egg room from the original raid. Everyone will want to make their way up there to complete the final steps of the puzzle and get the catalyst for whoever is getting it.

Fourth Puzzle – Basketball Court

This part will begin as soon as everyone enters the room. A timer will start and multiple relics will appear around the room. Everyone will want to start going for the relics and dunking them into the Thrall statue in the middle of the room. There will be more than four relics in this room so after you dunk a relic you will want to look around the room and begin going for another relic.

As you and your team dunk relics, the pillars on the side of the room will begin to glow. This shows how many relics you have dunked and you will need to keep dunking relics until the pillars are fully lit.

Once the pillars are fully lit the catalyst will be rewarded to everyone in the fireteam that needs it. This means you can get a full fireteam of people that need the catalyst together and get them all done in one run. Not everyone in the fireteam needs to stand on a plate to activate one of the puzzles to be awarded the catalyst at the end. Now that you have the catalyst for Touch of Malice you can go get other raid exotics like the Divinity.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on September 22nd, 2022

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