How to Get to Alfornada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Access Alfornada early in the game

by Christian Bognar
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet How to Get to Alfornada

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many areas to discover on the journey to fill up the Pokedex. Some of these locations seem impossible unless you defeat the Titans and obtain all traversal abilities. One location that doesn’t seem accessible at first glance is Alfornada, but there is a path that leads straight there at the beginning of the game. If you have yet to receive the traversal abilities from the Titans to get over the big mountain blocking Alfornada, then keep reading, as this guide will get you there quickly with an alternative route.

How to Reach Alfornada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The first area you need to go to is West Province (Area One), and head to the location shown in the image below. You will know you are at the right spot when you are at the lowest point on the map near the water.


You will cross two paths; take the one on the right closest to the sign.


Keep continuing along the water’s edge, and you will come across a large entrance to a cave, which you will need to progress through. Keep making your way to the top of the cave, and you will find an exit with torches around it, lighting your way. You will see a large town on the other side of this exit. This town is Alfornada, and now that you have reached this location, you can challenge the gym leader in this area.


If you are early on in the game, then the Pokemon in this cave might be challenging. To make your adventure through the cave a little easier, equipping Vitamins might be an excellent way to help, as they are a great way to boost your party’s stats. Also, having your Pokemon hold items can make a significant difference when you take on the gym leader in this area, so ensure you have the best items equipped.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2022