How to Get Workbenches and Research Stations on Your Ship in Starfield

Learn how to get upgrade benches and research labs onto your ship in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar , Noah Nelson
Upgrade Benches on Ships Starfield
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Adding workbenches to your ship in Starfield is one of the most convenient ways to access essential tools and mechanics, such as upgrading weapons and armor and crafting manufacturing components for your outpost. Instead of going through the trouble and traveling to major cities, you can do all the work from your ship! This guide will cover getting upgrade benches and research labs onto your ship in Starfield.

How to Add Benches and Research Labs to Ships in Starfield

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Workbenches and research labs can be added onto your ship via specific habs. It’s easily missable, but you can customize which hab variant you want and each one gets you access to something different.

In order to get workbenches and research labs onto your ship in Starfield, you must visit a Ship Technician in any of the major cities. Ship Technicians usually reside right next to the central landing pad and are easy to spot as they have a sign that reads “Ship Services.” Speak to the Ship Technician and select the dialogue option that mentions modifying your ship.

Next, select the Ship Builder option at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can add and delete parts of your ship to customize it to your liking. To add upgrade benches and research labs, you’ll want to press the “add” button at the bottom of the screen, which will bring up a menu of various parts.

Toggle over to the Habs section to see all the different habitats you can add to your ship. It’s here that you can view different habs and observe their different variants.

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Each hab is named after a company, and to find the desired workbench you’re looking for, use the previous and next variant commands at the bottom of the screen. These commands will change the type of hab you purchase from a manufacturing company.

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All Ship Habs in Starfield

While different ship manufacturers offer different habs and aesthetics, the title of each hab is the same. Because of that, you can easily identify which habs will give you workbenches and research labs.

Each one of the habs has its purpose, and you can find them all in the list below.

  • All in One Hab – Navigation Console, Bed, Gallery, Passenger Seats
  • Captain’s Quarters – Bed, Gallery, Storage Crate
  • Workshop Hab – Weapon Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench
  • Science Hab – Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab, Gallery
  • Infirmary Hab – Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
  • Armory Hab – Weapon Storage and Display

If you want every workbench and research lab on your ship, I recommend having a Workshop Hab and Science Hab on your ship. These two habs will cover all your bases and allow you to do all your crafting and upgrading from the comfort of your own ship.

As you add these workbenches and research labs to your ship, you must ensure you do so without causing an error in Ship Builder. If there is an error, you won’t be able to go through with the modifications. While this won’t help with ship errors, I recommend you use Starfield console commands to have more fun with the game.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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