How to Get Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet

A prehistoric-sized threat.

by Kara Phillips
Image: Nintendo

Paradox Pokemon are one of the biggest threats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, offering trainers a more significant challenge than your standard wild spawn, but once you’ve reached Area Zero and caught the paradox Pokemon your game has to offer, you may have quickly satisfied your need to catch em all, but surprisingly, a few new Paradox species have arrived. 

Walking Wake, one of the newest additions to Gen 9 and the Paradox Pokemon group, showcases a familiar species to older Pokemon trainers but in a new spotlight with much more strength. For a limited time, you can get ahold of this species to join your party, so read on to find out how. 

Where to Catch Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Walking Wake, familiarly known as Paradox Suicune, is a paradox Pokemon available exclusively in Pokemon Scarlet. However, unlike the paradox species in Area Zero, the process of finding Walking Wake is slightly different. Instead, the species can only face and catch through Tera Raids starting on February 27. 

Unlike Suicune’s standard water type, Walking Wake will host a dual water and dragon type, making it a pretty strong foe to come up against. In addition, it’ll have a Tera Type of Water in each raid, so it’s best to come equipped with your most robust grass-type species should you want to try and take one down. 

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For Pokemon Violet players looking for an easy way to get ahold of this Pokemon, it’s best to check in with the PokePortal Billboard to see if you can join any Tera Raid battles or find a Pokemon Scarlet player who is willing to trade. Since Scarlet players don’t have access to Iron Leaves, this could be an excellent opportunity to offer a fair trade.

Since Walking Wake is a Paradox Pokemon, it can’t breed or be hatched from an egg, so you can only rely on Tera Raids to catch one. So, it’s time to dust off your best Pokemon and head back into battle against what could be the start of a new wave of paradox Pokemon. 

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023