How to Get White Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Here is how you can find White Dye in World Tour Mode for Street Fighter 6.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get White Dye in Street Fighter 6
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Street Fighter 6 adds much customization to the series, especially in its World Tour Mode. During your fighter’s adventure through World Tour, they will have the opportunity to change their appearance through the use of changing clothes and dyeing these clothes. Plenty of dye colors exist across various missions, fights, and treasure chests. This guide will cover White Dye and where you can find it in Street Fighter 6.

Where to Find White Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

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White Dye is one of the rarer dyes in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode. While players can find this dye randomly during fights across the game’s various maps, I have found the most luck finding a good amount of White Dye in Metro City. Players can discover White Dye next to the police station where the Mad Gear Gang hangs out under the bridge. You must fight the Mad Gear Gang here and win to acquire the White Dye.

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How to Use Dye and Change Gear Color in World Tour

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To change the color of your gear — head to one of the clothes shops in World Tour Mode. I usually use Drippin’ Style. When you’re at clothes down, scroll down to change color and select the gear you would like to be a different color. There is a good chance it will take more than one piece of dye to change the color successfully — so continue fighting opponents, and you’ll have enough in no time!

Changing your gear’s color with dye also requires Zenny — the game’s currency. If you find yourself low on Zenny, you can quickly get enough through fighting more opponents across Metro City or doing a part-time job. You can also acquire a lot of Zenny by completing main missions and side quests, which usually offer the greatest reward and highest price for your efforts. Getting Zenny is important for dyeing clothes and getting new clothes, accessories, food, changing appearance, and more.

- This article was updated on June 2nd, 2023

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