How to Get Yellow NOS in Need For Speed Unbound

Suped up and ready to pass all competition.

by Elliott Gatica

Need for Speed may be an arcade racer at heart, but it has some surprisingly deep mechanics that can help you beat the competition and outrun the cops. With all that in mind, there’s a new boost mechanic in the game that can really be the determining factor between getting first and second place. Yellow NOS is a new mechanic, so we’re going to tell you how you can get it in Need for Speed Unbound.

What is Yellow NOS in Need for Speed Unbound?

Yellow NOS is a secondary NOS type that is only available temporarily. It doesn’t stay in your reserves like the blue one that accumulates slowly over time or by driving on the oncoming lane. It also has a stronger effect than blue NOS in that it gives you a larger initial boost. 

It’s a good way to push out just a bit more miles/kilometers per hour out of your car. This type of NOS is also good when you need to get out of a pinch, especially during cop chases. It also looks really neat when paired with the graphics, unless you’re not a fan of them.

How to Get Yellow NOS


There are quite a few ways in which you can get more of this in the game. These are the methods below:

  • Perform a drift
  • Perform a grip turn
  • Achieve a near miss (includes near misses with parked cars)
  • Take down a racer or cop
  • Perform a jump
  • Tailgate another racer or cop

If you can somehow incorporate all of these while racing or in the middle of a chase, you will almost always ensure a top 3 spot in a race and earn money where it counts. This will also help you when going through Speed Traps, performing certain jumps, and even outrunning the police. 

Need for Speed Unbound is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2022