How to Hunt a Frog From 5 Meters or Less in Fortnite

These little creatures seriously need to stop jumping away!

by Michelle Cornelia
How to Hunt a Frog From 5 Meters or Less in Fortnite

The frog is possibly one of the most challenging animals to hunt in Fortnite. Its small size makes it difficult to spot and aim at, not to mention it leaps away the second it hears a gunshot or footstep. So, how exactly do you hunt a frog within close range without losing it? Fortunately, this can be done easily as long as you know the most effective way to hunt a frog within 5 meters or less in Fortnite!

How to Hunt a Frog From 5 Meters or Less in Fortnite

To hunt a frog from 5 meters or less in Fortnite, you’ll want to equip a decent close-range weapon. The best weapon for this situation would either be the Twin Mag SMG or Thunder Shotgun. Compared to other weapons, they deal more damage and are more accurate for this range, making them perfect for hunting frogs. 

Once you have the right weapon, it’s time to find the frogs. Frogs can be found in various areas of the map, but the best place to look is near water sources, such as the river bank near The Citadel. They tend to hide in the foliage around the edges of the water, so keep an eye out for them. For total clarity, you can check out the map that’s been marked below to help you find some frogs.


The frog will instantly leap away when you get too close to it, but don’t worry. As long as you keep chasing and shooting without aiming down your weapon (with the right click), you should be able to catch up and deliver enough hits to hunt it down. If you’re having difficulty aiming at the frog, try using a Shockwave Hammer. Given this weapon’s range, you should be able to finish it off easily within less than 5 meters.

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- This article was updated on December 27th, 2022