How to Increase Running Speed by Using Two Controllers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Learn how to exploit a glitch and run faster than ever before in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players looking to make tracks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have discovered a new trick to help you get moving quicker. While the game may have a fair number of technical issues that are causing some hilarious bugs and glitches, some are reasonably beneficial to gamers in the long run. That is, as long as they have the correct equipment needed.

While players can earn the ability to dash with their Koraidon and Miraidon after defeating some of the Titans, having the ability to move even faster could be detrimental to those in the speedrunning scene. Follow along with this trick, and watch the magic happen as we break the game and use this feature to run as fast as a particular blue blur.

How To Exploit Pokemon Scarlet And Violet To Run Faster

For gamers that happen to have a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller/Wireless Controller and a pair of Joy-Cons, this will be the first step to unlocking this speed method. You will also need to play in handheld mode to make this method work, as the specifics will not allow for docked play.

The first thing gamers will need to do is to open their copy of Pokemon on their Nintendo Switch. After this, ensure that your Joy-Cons are connected to your system, as they cannot be disconnected to make this exploit work. After that, connect your Pro Controller wirelessly and wait to verify that it is connected.


Once all the steps above have been completed, players need to start running at an angle. This exploit will not work if the player is running up, down, left, or right. They’ll need to run at a bit of an angle to make this work. Using the Joy-Con as your primary travel method, tilt the thumbstick of your Pro Controller in the same direction and watch as the Trainer immediately picks up speed.

While this may not be the most practical mode of transportation, as there is a good chance gamers will run into wild Pokemon without even realizing they are there, it is a great strategy for Speedrunner or those just looking to marvel at the current state of this title. This has been confirmed to work on version 1.0.1, but could be patched in the future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2022

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