Where to Find Blood Remnants and Increase Your Maximum Health in Redfall

Find these blood vials.

by Christian Bognar
Redfall Vampire Blood Increase Health
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The Vampires are deadly in Redfall, creating a challenging experience that requires finding any way to improve your hero’s stats. One important stat to improve is your maximum health, but how do you increase this stat? There are two ways to improve health, so read on if you need help figuring out how to raise your health, as we will walk you through some essential tips.

Ways to Increase Maximum Health in Redfall

There are two ways to increase your maximum health in Redfall — one being through leveling up, and the second is through finding and equipping Blood Remnants. Each level will grant you an additional 10 in health as you continue to level up, but Blood Remnant will increase this number tremendously. Remember that as you level up, it is wise to use skill points toward Quick Recovery at the beginning of the game to help with health regeneration early on, as it may take a while to find Blood Remnants.

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How to Find Blood Remnant

As you explore the world of Redfall and go into hard-to-reach places, you will have a chance to find Blood Remnants that can potentially increase your health by hundreds. Blood Remnants can also be acquired by killing the Rook during a Rook Storm and killing Vampire Gods in safehouse missions. Once you complete the two available missions in a safehouse, the lost and found in that safehouse usually has a high leveled Blood Remnant.

Blood Remnant rarity is determined by color, just like guns. The color of these tiers is as follows: Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Grey will increase your health by around 50 stat points, while Gold could improve your health by 500. These tier vials also provide bonuses such as stronger medical supplies or regeneration upon killing human enemies.

Equipping Blood Remnant is the best way to have a fighting chance against the more demanding late-game bosses. These bosses deal significant damage, draining your health bar in the blink of an eye, so even the smallest amount of health and health packs matter.

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