How to Level up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Get your Operators and player rank up fast to take on the endgame content!

by Elliott Gatica


A large portion of earning new gear and Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction is through its leveling system. Your levels, or React Milestones, are indicative of your overall completion of the game and having access to more difficult activities. For this matter, you’ll want to have access to all the items and gadgets so you can take them into the tougher incursions. Here, we’ll explain some methods on how to level up quickly in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Since you can earn XP by practically doing anything in this game, there are some rather optimal ways to do so. Some methods will be a lot tougher, but some will reduce the risk of possibly losing XP from downed Operators.


Killing the Archaeans grants small amounts of XP. However, if you take out an enemy while they are unalerted with a one-shot or a takedown, you’ll be granted additional XP. This also goes for nests that haven’t been alerted by nearby Archies. It’s encouraged given that the default loadouts for guns are equipped with silencers. For early leveling, stealth kills can easily rack up levels.


Scan Kills

For people who use intel Operators or gadgets that scan enemies, there will be easy XP gains from killing enemies that have been scanned. Regardless of their awareness, enemies scanned will grant additional XP, and can sometimes go towards research assignment challenges.

Multi kills

Multi kills aren’t exactly as they are named. In this game, you can earn variants of them by taking out groups of enemies with explosions. And other means of AoE damaging gadgets.

Say you throw in your drone and scout a bunch of enemies and nests bunched up in a room. If you happen to be playing as a character who can bunch them up like using Alibi’s Prisma or Hibana’s X-KAIROS for explosions, they can rack up lots of explosive kills, possible stealth kills, and scan bonuses. The only annoyance is that your screen will temporarily be going through each point value gained.


Research Objectives

Each of the four areas in Extraction will have preset lists of different research tasks you can do. They’re essentially challenges that will have you do things like “Kill x number of stunned enemies” or “Complete all 3 missions and extract with over 60% HP”. Completing these will earn you significant XP boosts that go towards your React Milestones.

Complete all the objectives in incursions

The standard levels in Rainbow Six Extraction are all 3-part missions that players can extract at any time. Of course, completing the first objective will net you the lowest amount of XP, but the following ones will grant more. With more XP to gain, the stakes are higher. Stronger enemy variants come out that’ll push you to optimize the gadgets and Operators you brought to the hot-zone.

Should you fail the mission by running out of time or your Operator hitting 0 HP, you’ll have to then resort to rescuing them. While the rescues become objectives, there is the risk of failing them and losing any sort of progress one has made for their current level.


Play on harder difficulties

This is perhaps the most optimal way to level up, but it does come at a risk. Tougher enemies will spawn as early as the first objective in your incursion. Mutation modifiers come up more frequently and are guaranteed at the Critical difficulty level. To reward you in playing with tougher circumstances, you’ll be given significantly higher XP payouts for objectives.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A 2-hour trial is available for people who don’t own the full game.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2022

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