How to Level up in Witchfire

Time to ascend to survive.

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While you could expect a natural progression of your level by just killing enemies and completing objectives in Witchfire, the truth is a completely different reality. In fact, you could be reading this guide because, after countless runs, you are still level 1! Well, don’t worry, you aren’t doing anything wrong. If you feel like you need a bit of an upgrade, and can’t take advantages of all the stations in the Hermitorium, here is how to level up in Witchfire.

Witchfire: How to Level up

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While killing enemies won’t bring your level up per se, they are very important for the process. You see, in Witchfire, leveling up is a matter of investing. What are you investing? After killing enemies you will notice some red sparks that you get to absorb or even pick up. This is called witchfire, which acts as a currency. Once you have collected enough currency during your runs, you will be ready to level up.

Visit the Ascension Shrine in the Hermitorium and you will notice six different stats that you can upgrade. These upgrades, once unlocked, will level you up, unlocking other stations for you to use and further improving your build. You can choose from different types of Ascension upgrades, so make sure to pick one that will compensate or further strengthen your play style.

Screenshot: The Astronauts

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If you are having a difficult time collecting witchfire because, well, you get killed, you will have to focus your attention on killing enemies and then using the portal you came in to escape. Your first runs should focus on getting the most amount witchfire possible without venturing too deep into the map. This way, you will be able to level up and use the remaining stations, such as the Gunroom to upgrade your weapons.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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