How to Log Out of Pokemon GO

Learn how to log out of Pokemon GO once and for all.

by Carlos Hurtado
Image: Niantic

Pokemon GO launched many years ago, changing how mainstream media view the mobile gaming industry. This innovative title developed by Niantic has captivated hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide. Logging out of Pokemon GO may seem like an impossible task for many, but we will show you how to do it without any issues, so get ready to learn how to log out of Pokemon GO.

How to Log Out of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO changed how many players interacted with the outside world. Many hardcore gamers were used to having their adventures by themselves in the comfort of their living room or bedroom, but since Niantic released Pokemon GO, this has changed for most fans of the franchise. If you are looking to log out of your Pokemon GO, you will need to follow the next steps:

  • Launch Pokemon GO.
  • Tap the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap the Sign-Out button.
  • Tap Yes when the game asks you if you are sure about signing out of the game.

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That’s all players need to do to log out of Pokemon GO. Many mobile games make it hard for players to log out of the game or delete their accounts, but Pokemon GO is not one of them. Niantic makes it easy for players to either delete or sign out of their accounts.

Mobile gaming developers sometimes resource to sketchy tactics to keep players in the game but; Pokemon GO has retained its player base by giving players what they want while improving and releasing community events to spice up the gameplay loop and attract new players who love the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon GO is still going strong in the gaming industry, cementing itself as one of the most-played augmented reality games out there. So if you are looking to log out of Pokemon GO to start a fresh new account, you should consider learning how to get Choldengo or how to use the Coin Bag in Pokemon GO.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023