How to Make a Severus Snape Build in Hogwarts Legacy

Do the fans still love the character after all these years? Always.

by J.R. Waugh
Severus Snape Build Hogwarts Legacy
Images: Avalanche Software, Warner Bros. Pictures

Severus Snape is one of the most iconic characters in Harry Potter, so it’s no surprise people wish to build him in Hogwarts Legacy. Naturally, he has yet to be born in the series timeline for him to appear in the game, but players wishing to roleplay as the famous Potions teacher will be excited to know how to do it. It’s a combination of everything from Traits, Talents, Spells, and more. But to learn everything you need to become the brooding fan favorite, join us in turning to page 394.

The Half-Blood Prince: How to Build Severus Snape in Hogwarts Legacy

The Severus Snape Hogwarts Legacy build has already been discovered and focuses on maximizing effects such as Potions mastery, Plant effectiveness, and even mechanics like life steal. You’ll also recognize certain Damage Spells, Levitation Spells, and even an Unforgivable Curse in the Snape build.

Naturally, if you’re creating your character either directly in his image or as a spiritual duplicate, you’ll need your house to be the same as his, a stone-cold Slytherin. Finally, you can choose in the character creation how closely you wish to resemble the iconic character. Here’s the build below:


  • Slytherin


  • Avada Kedavra
  • Diffindo
  • Expelliarmus
  • Levioso


  • Avada Kedavra Mastery
  • Basic Cast Mastery
  • Curse Sapper
  • Disarming Curse
  • Enduring Curse
  • Focus Potion Potency
  • Fertiliser
  • Headache
  • Noxious
  • Stunning Curse
  • Thunderbrew Potency


  • Deafening III
  • Fangs III
  • Herbology III
  • Venom III

Much of this build represents much of how Snape carried himself in the series. Levioso is a bit of a substitute but stands in as precisely how he would assert dominance in battle quickly. While Expelliarmus and Avada Kedavra are definitely spells used by Snape before, you’ll want anything that also comes close to it. This is where Diffindo comes in as an offensive spell, certainly resembling attacks used by Snape, especially damaging them after being cursed.

This build enables you to shorten spell cooldowns and enables your plants to do some of the work for you while focusing on your own attacks. The build was first noted by fextralife and is certainly a fun way to play through the game. Whether you’re wanting to emulate the heroic and misunderstood Severus Snape or enjoy your own custom build in Hogwarts Legacy, there are plenty of options.

Hogwarts Legacy released worldwide on February 10, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 12th, 2023