How To Make A Torch In Minecraft

Light your way with this essential item in Minecraft.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image; Mojang / Attack Of The Fanboy

One of the essential tips for surviving in the world of Minecraft is always be prepared. While it may sound simple to some, the idea of keeping torches on your person at all times is rather important, especially if you plan on spelunking a bit in the caves and caverns surrounding you. But, what items will you need to start crafting plenty of torches, and can you make them while you are exploring? Let’s jump right into the deepest depths, and find out how to create and craft plenty of torches with ease.

How To Craft A Torch In Minecraft

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There is some prep work that will need to be done beforehand, especially if you are hoping to have some spare materials to bring along on your adventures. Gather and create the following materials to make some torches:

  • Sticks
  • Charcoal or Coal

The first thing to do is create some sticks, which can be done by stacking two wood planks vertically in your crafting menu. After this has been done, create some charcoal or coal by utilizing the flames of your furnace. Follow the link for a handy guide on how to make charcoal quickly.

Once this has been done, grab the two newly created items, enter your crafting menu, place a stick at the bottom, and a piece of charcoal at the top, and you’ll have four torches ready to grab. With the sheer depth of some of these caves and caverns, creating as many as possible before heading out wouldn’t be the worst idea around.

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No matter if you’re planning on some interior decoration with these torches, or plan on unleashing your inner archeologist, they are one of the most valuable tools to have on any adventure. Just make sure you’re well-armed with a sword before venturing too far off from home.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023