How to Make Brittle Whetstone in Grounded

Find out how to get Brittle Whetstone!

by Kara Phillips


The first vital lesson you’ll learn in Grounded is how important it is to defend yourself. Even though the landscape seems enchanting, it’s filled with things that could cause a lot of damage to your player, so you’ll need to get ready to upgrade your tools and weapons as fast as you can to continue the survival. But to do that, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct tools to start upgrading. This is where Brittle Whetstone comes in. So read on to learn how to get your hands on this essential material.

How to Craft Brittle Whetstone in Grounded

The easiest way to craft Brittle Whetstone is from two simple materials, Sap and Larva Spikes. The sap is relatively easy to find on the edge of Oak branches, but Larva Spikes takes a more hands-on approach to collection. You’ll need to defeat Larva to find spikes, and they can be fearsome enemies if you are starting up, unlike some passive mobs like gnats. It’s best to try and upgrade our gear if you have the opportunity before collecting the material for Brittle Whetstone.

However, there is a second method to craft this helpful material. Although this method isn’t as combat-focused as the first, it’s more challenging, especially for a new player. You’ll need to locate Brittle Quartzite Shards, which can be harvested from a larger node of the same material. You’ll need a Pebblet Hammer to break these rocks and a strong weapon for these dangerous locations.

No matter which method you follow, you’ll need to take them to a workstation to craft Brittle Whetstone. If you’re planning on upgrading your tools or weapons, you’ll need access to Whetstone. So it would help if you started preparing it from the get-go than leaving it too late in the game.

Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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