How to Make Deer Stew in Valheim

Planning to cook up some Deer Stew today?

by Gordon Bicker

Valheim players will no doubt spend a lot of their time roaming vast open expanses in the game to hunt for resources and some are focused on getting food such as Deer Stew in their possession. Of course, many players may instead be focusing their attention on learning how to get equipment such as the Wolf Cape in the game. This article however will take you through how to make Deer Stew in Valheim and all of the benefits it will provide for you.

Making Deer Stew in Valheim

It will not be surprising to you that in order to make Deer Stew you will need some Cooked Dear Meat, which can be found by way of a deer, and then cook the Deer Meat by using a cooking station. Along with the Cooked Dear Meat, you will also require a Carrot and one bunch of Blueberries. Carrots can be found by planting/farming carrot seeds and as for Blueberries, you will be able to harvest them from bushes in the Black Forest biome.

Once you have all of these materials/resources you can use a cauldron to craft your Deer Stew and then you will be prepared to use the stew. There are many other types of food that you can also choose to craft but the Deer Stew is a nice and simple one to start with which gives great benefits.

Benefits of Deer Stew in Valheim

If you decide to eat the Deer Stew you will benefit from an increase in both health and stamina for around 20 minutes so it is a food that is brilliant to have for your character. Especially when you are just starting off in the game.

Before you start working on learning how to smelt black scrap metal it will be worth your time to get some stew prepared for your adventures ahead in the experience.

Valheim is available right now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023