How to Mute Players in GTA Online

Are you wanting to mute players in GTA Online?

by Gordon Bicker


GTA Online has grown exponentially over the years with new players arriving frequently and immersing themselves in everything that the series has to offer. One particular aspect that players will need to get used to is overhearing other players online who are talking into their mic or shouting through it. Either way, there is benefits and drawbacks to the usage of mics in the experience as with any online modes in games and sometimes it can become a little frustrating overhearing the mics all the time. This guide article will take you through the process of how to mute players in GTA Online.

How to Mute Players in GTA Online

Some times when the utilisation of mics is a benefit is within heists, however, when you are free roaming and hearing someone shouting at the mic about nonsensical information, you may want to simply mute the player which at first may not seem like an easy task to do within the game. This is due to the likely lack of information on how to mute players if you don’t happen to be looking for that information.

In order to begin to mute players, you can do so with the usage of one of two methods. The first method involves you muting essentially everyone apart from these included with a few filters. You first have to make your way to the ‘Interaction Menu’. When you have done this, simply navigate to the ‘Voice Chat’ settings for Freemodes and then switch the toggle to either hearing everyone, friends and Crew, Crew, Friends, or ‘No One’. If you want to simply mute everyone in the session then select the ‘No One’ toggle.

Another method is to go through the main settings by going to ‘Online’ then ‘Players’ and scrolling through the list until you find the player(s) you want to mute. When you find them, you can press on their name and then you will be able to select ‘Toggle Mute’, this will mute them in-game for you.

Can I Mute Players in Any Type of Session?

Notably, you may be wondering if there’s any time that you can’t mute players in a session. You will be thankful to know that you are able to mute players at any point in any type of session when you are playing. The only time you won’t be able to mute players is when you are loading into a particular session such as loading into a certain game mode.

Furthermore, now that you know how to mute players in GTA Online you will be able to not worry about overhearing anything that you may not want to anymore by keeping one of the aforementioned toggles on and activated for that specific session and any others. Whether you are playing through the new update or trying to collect new weapons, you will be able to play without hearing shouting players in the game.

Will you be playing through GTA Online and muting players this month?

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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