How to Play Mahjong with the Robots in Stray for the Cat-a-strophe Trophy

Want to try and play some Mahjong? You'll need to for this trophy!

by Gordon Bicker


Stray has been on the forefront of many people’s minds today along with the immense heat that some are experiencing this Summer. Kicking back with your friends and enjoying the weather is certainly something that a lot of people will want to do and there’s no reason that the cat in Stray shouldn’t be able to do that too. In the experience, you will be able to spend time with some of the robots that are around the various areas you will be venturing through and you’ll even be able to try and play Mahjong with them. This guide article will take you through how to get the Cat-a-strophe trophy in Stray.

Trying to Play Mahjong with the Robots in Stray

In order to get this trophy/achievement, you will first have to make your way to Chapter 9. When you are near the start of Chapter 9 you will be able to find a table with robots playing Mahjong. Simply jump onto that table where the robots are and you will pop the trophy. The area where the robots are located can be described as being on a bit of a balcony area with a waterfall-like feature streaming down beside them.

There are some trophies in Stray that require a lot more planning such as the one where you have to scratch in every chapter. However, this trophy is nice and simple to get, you just need to know where to go for it and perform a jump and you are sorted. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to actually play Mahjong but in the cat’s eyes, I bet they’ll be so proud of themselves for taking part in the activity. The interactions within Stray are always adorable!

Stray is available now and can be played on the platforms of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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