How to Play the Fortnite Geoguessr Game

How well do you know Fortnite?

by Kara Phillips


The more time you spend with Fortnite, the more familiar you’ll become with its relatively expansive map. However, as different zones and areas are introduced as the seasons pass, there is a lot to remember. But luckily, this Fortnite-themed Geoguessr-style game is perfect for anyone looking to put their knowledge to the test. Read on to find out how you can play Where in Fortnite.

How to Play the Fortnite Equivalent to Geoguessr

Playing the Fortnite equivalent to Geoguessr is more straightforward than playing the real thing. Where in Fortnite immediately lets players drop into their favorite maps without the need to make an account, sign up, or pay to access the entire game. It’s as easy as selecting your desired Chapter or game mode and jumping right in. With the sheer amount of hidden areas within each Chapter, there’s enough map to create hours of fun.

Additionally, Where in Fortnite allows players to flex their knowledge of the map from three chapters, specific seasons, or the entire history for veteran gamers. Furthermore, the game supports the option to play solo or multiplayer, and you can select up to forty rounds to put your knowledge to the test. Each round supplies a minimap in the corner to place a pin once you’ve decided on the location and will reward any player who gets within the vicinity.

For players looking for an extra challenge, each round can have a time limit of as little as ten seconds, and you can strip the ability to pan and zoom around the area. The closer you get to the correct location, you’ll score more points. However, the pin will show you how far you are from the site if you’re slightly off. So whether you know the ins and outs of Twisted Towers or not, this free-to-play game is perfect for any avid fan.

Where in Fortnite is free to play via their website now, and Fortnite is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Android, iOS, and PC.

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