How to Rank Up Quickly in Dead by Daylight

It all boils down to your commitment.

by JB Cachila
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Ranking up in Dead by Daylight isn’t an easy task whether you play as a Survivor or Killer. There are some ways to rank up higher faster than usual, however. For example, you can increase your ranks by getting Pips, which serves as a measurement of your efforts whenever you play. All players start at Rank 20, and the goal is to get to Rank 1.

Ranking is broken down into two categories: Survivors and Killers. The things you need to do to rank up faster vary depending on your role.

How to Quickly Rank up Survivors in Dead by Daylight

As Survivors, your ultimate goal in every game is to survive and escape. You need to work on generators, rescue hooked Survivors, heal wounded and dying allies, and kite the Killer if you need to. With this in mind, you’ll need to use perks that can help you do just that. 

Below are the best ones that can grant you the most pips:

  • Prove Thyself (Dwight): Grants more Bloodpoints when doing cooperative activities. It also grants a stackable 15% repair speed boost to other players within 4 meters.
  • Bond (Dwight): Helps users see allies within a certain range. It can help you direct your group to the Exit Gate, or at least help you avoid the Killer.
  • Self-Care: Helps you heal yourself and other Survivors without having to rely on Med-Kits, which are already scarce in the game. Claudette has this perk by default.
  • Borrowed Time (Bill Williams): Gives you a bit of time to escape and heal yourself after being hit by an attack that would’ve put you in a dying state. It only works once, but it works wonders if you get it right.

Other perks that will help you win against the Killer include Lithe (for kiting), Decisive Strike (to keep the Killer distracted while others work on generators), We’re Gonna Live Forever (for maximum survivability), and Unbreakable (to survive a Trial).

How to Quickly Rank Up Killers in Dead by Daylight

Killers also have a slew of perks that could help them gain a deadly advantage. A good killer perk build can help you obtain a Merciless Killer grade by the end of a game. This will quickly increase your ranking in the game.

Below are the best ones that can grant you the most pips:

  • Corrupt Intervention: Forces Survivors to work on generators closer to the Killer right at the start of the game. Although this is disabled when the first Survivor is put into a dying state, it helps Killers get closer to their targets earlier.
  • No Way Out: Allows you to gain one token every time a unique Survivor gets hooked. When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, it will send a Loud Noise Notification to Killers. The Entity will then block Exit Gate Switches for 12 seconds, plus 12 seconds more for every token No Way Out has. This effectively gives Killers more time to snuff out Survivors.
  • Lethal Pursuer: Grants Killers the ability to see Survivors’ auras for a time, so they know who works with who and what generators they are working on. While it doesn’t last very long, this useful perk gives Killers a deadly advantage very early in the game.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death (NOED): Enables Killers to take down Survivors with one strike late in the game. It needs at least one Dull Totem to remain active by the time the Exit Gates start opening. Once activated, NOED forces Survivors to have the Exposed status effect, and gives Killers a 4% speed boost. This means Killers will be deadlier than before.

Other Killer perks that would play to your advantage are Deadlock (for slowing down Survivor progress), Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (for combined generator regression and pressure), Overcharge (for maximum generator regression), and Hex: Undying (with NOED or other Hexes, this makes winning very difficult for Survivors).

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2022

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