How to Save the Game in Harvestella

Check out how to manually save your game on Harvestella

by Franklin Bellone Borges

In Harvestella, Square Enix’s new life-simulation RPG, players are given the ability to wield a wide array of jobs while in combat as well as to make use of various techniques as they care for their fields and craft a wide variety of resources. With that said, while in battle or when tending to your crops, one wrong move can be the key differential between success and utter failure, thus making the endeavor of managing your files a must if you plan on getting the best results. But how can you manually save your game on Harvestella?

How to Save the Game in Harvestella

Just as with many of Square Enix’s JRPGs, like Kingdom Hearts III, you will be able to manually save your progress on Harvestella by interacting with save points scattered across the world. Which are, in this case, called Motus Monolites. But the devices will not be unlocked automatically and can only be made available by taking part in the game’s first questline. You can check out when and how to unlock the save points in our When Can You Save in Harvestella? piece.

With that said, it’s important to point out that, although you will be able to both save and fast travel by interacting with the Motus Monolite devices located throughout the game, Harvestella does not autosaves as frequently as some may wish. So remember to always save before attempting to either perform new tasks or take part in new quests.

To recap, here’s how to save your game manually and easily on Harvestella:

  • Progress through the main storyline until you reach the first dungeon.
  • Talk to Dianthus.
  • Interact with the Motus Monolite.
  • Select Save to manually save your progress.

You can currently play Harvestella on both the Nintendo Switch and on PC, via Steam.

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2022

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