How to Search the Tomb for the Helmet in Hogwarts Legacy

The witch's final resting place. Lodlok said the helmet was in her sarcophagus.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to search the tomb for the helmet in Hogwarts Legacy for the quest that Lodlok gives you? Exploring the tomb is fun because you can find lots of loot, fight enemies, and solve puzzles while searching the tomb for the helmet. Unfortunately, like the Forbidden Forest Merlin Trials, you will not be given much information on how to solve the puzzles so you can proceed deeper into the tomb. Don’t worry, though, because we have all the steps you need to solve. Here is how to solve the Moth Puzzles to find the witch’s final resting place in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Solve the Moth Puzzles to Find the Witch’s Final Resting Place in Hogwarts Legacy

While exploring the tomb you will come across four moth puzzles that you will need to solve to delve further into the witch’s tomb. You will need to use your Lumos and Depulso spells when solving these puzzles.

Moth Puzzle Number 1


As soon as you enter the tomb, head down the path and take a left at the first door you come to. Then, grab this Moth from the podium with your Lumos spell and take it back to the door (picture above).

Moth Puzzle Number 2


Once you enter the second room with the Moth door, you will find the first two Moths on either side of the circular wall. The third moth will be behind a door that you must open with your Depulso spell (pictured above). Return all Moths to the door to proceed.

Moth Puzzle Number 3


You will find the third Moth door room after defeating the Inferi. The first two Moths are located on either side of the circular room again. Add one Moth to the door and the second Moth to the Moth Statue in the center of the room. Hit the Moth Statue with Depulso until the platform rises. Climb the platform to find the third Moth sitting on a podium (pictured above). Add this Moth and the one in the Moth Statue to the door to proceed.

Moth Puzzle Number 4

You will find the fourth Moth door after dropping the hanging crate into the floor so you can drop into the room below. Before trying to solve this puzzle, you will want to defeat the Inferi in this room.

Grab the Moth from the alcove in the wall on the first floor and take it to the Moth podium against the wall to your left as we will need this for later (first picture).

Grab the second Moth inside of the second alcove on the first floor and put it in the Moth Statue in the center of the room.

You will then need to stand on the platform and keep hitting the statue with your Depulso spell until you reach the second level. Remember that you cannot climb this platform so you will need to stand on it before raising it.

Grab the third Moth from the podium in front of you and add it to the door.

When facing the door turn left and approach the edge with the broken railing. The first Moth that we added to the railing will now be raised and you must grab it before it is lowered (second picture). If it lowers just hit the center statue with Depulso again. Add this Moth to the door.

Finally, grab the last Moth in the Alcove to the right of the door when you are facing it (third picture). Add this to the door to proceed to the witch’s sarcophagus.

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- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023