How to Sign Up for PlayStation Stars: All Rewards and Point Prices

The new PlayStation loyalty program!

by Gordon Bicker


PlayStation is always creating new experiences for fans to enjoy and this year is no exception. From God of War Ragnarok on the way to the loveable cat experience Stray being released next week. There is a lot on offer for PlayStation fans and we are only halfway through the year. There are brilliant experiences on the way! Today, a new loyalty program was revealed named PlayStation Stars. You now have the chance to show your loyalty for PlayStation and get rewarded for it. If you are wondering how to sign up for PlayStation Stars when it is available then this article is for you!

How to Sign Up For PlayStation Stars

From the official blog post that was released today about the program, it was known that the program is not yet available as of the time of writing. However, the program will be available later this year. It is likely that when it does launch; it will be a smooth process for linking your account/signing up for PlayStation Stars. You will likely have to go to the official website and sign up on a particular page. Although it may even be able to sign up for the program through your console itself.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member you will also automatically get points which is excellent!

All Known Rewards and Point Information for PlayStation Stars

In terms of the rewards that have been revealed so far, you can expect rewards such as cash for your PSN wallet and “PlayStation Store Products” so this will likely mean games too. Further, there are going to be “Digital Collectible Rewards” too which are to represent everything that fans love about PlayStation.

To get the rewards, you will likely have to acquire quite a lot of points, especially for the cash rewards which will probably be the most expensive. This article will be updated with the exact rewards and their point prices when more information is revealed about the program.

PlayStation Stars will be available later this year and will have a phased release for various regions.

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