How to start a heist in GTA Online (2022)

All you need to know about Heists.

by Sean O'Donnell


So you’ve logged into GTA 5 Online and want to get into the deep end, but how do you start a Heist? Well depending on what level you are on GTA Online you may not be able to start one just yet. But this article will help you out with what you need to start heists in GTA and how to actually start them.

The Steps you need to take in GTA Online before starting a Heist:

  • You must be Rank 12 or higher to start a Heist.
  • You need a high-end apartment in GTA Online with a planning room.
  • Once you have that Lester will give you a call and you’ll go through a tutorial heist – The Fleeca Job – with him.
  • Once you’ve completed that you’ll be able to start heists without Lester with other online players.
  • You’ll also need to have enough money to fund a GTA Heist.

How to start a GTA Online Heist:

There are many things to think about when starting your first GTA Heist as leader: The Difficulty, The particular Heist and who you want to take part in the Heist with you whether it’s a few of your mates or just some random people also wanting to play a heist in GTA.

Once you’ve explored all of these factors in your head and know what exactly you want from you GTA heist, head into your Planning room to create you first heist.

Well whether you’re playing a heist to try and make more money to fund your obsession with GTA Supercars, Feel insecure within the area of your apartment and want to hire yourself bodyguards or just to have more fun within the game we hope this articles has cleared up what you need and what you should think about before and when creating a heist so that you can go in the most prepared you’ll ever be.

- This article was updated on January 12th, 2022

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