How to Unlock and Evolve the Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors

Here's how to unlock and evolve one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors.

by Diego Perez


Vampire Survivors is filled with countless crazy weapons to unlock and evolve, and Gatti Amari and its evolution, Vicious Hunger, are two fan-favorite options for easy runs on any of the game’s stages. This is the signature weapon of Giovanna Grana, one of the game’s unlockable characters, so you’ll have to unlock her first before you can get your hands on the weapons. Here’s how to unlock Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors and how to evolve it into Vicious Hunger later down the line.

How to Unlock the Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors

To get Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors, you must first unlock Giovanna Grana as a playable character. She is located in the Inlaid Library, the game’s second stage. Once you load into the level, head to the right and you’ll eventually come across a coffin containing Giovanna. Defeat all the enemies that spawn and then you’ll be able to purchase her from the character select screen before your next run!


Once you have Giovanna Grana, load into any stage. Her starting weapon is the Gatti Amari, but other characters can use it too once you unlock it by surviving for 15 minutes. Then, the weapon will be added to the general loot pool for every Vampire Survivors character.

The Gatti Amari is a fun cat-themed weapon that summons cats to destroy your foes. These cats can scratch and damage you as well though, just like real cats! They can also fight with each other if they get to close, again, just like real cats.

How to Evolve Gatti Amari into Vicious Hunger

To evolve the Gatti Amari into the powerful Vicious Hunger, you must first upgrade the weapon to level 8. Then, all you have to do is collect the Stone Mask item. Once you have the Stone Mask in your possession and you’ve leveled up the Gatti Amari enough, all that’s left to do is defeat a high-tier enemy that spawns roughly 10 minutes into a round.

When you defeat this enemy, a chest will appear containing Vicious Hunger. This evolved weapon deals more base damage than Gatti Amari and has a chance to turn enemies into gold. This is one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors, and it’s a great pick for Endless Mode and other challenging tasks.

Vampire Survivors is available now on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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