How to Unlock Every Character in Nomad Survival

Time to get busy collecting characters!

by Gordon Bicker


Nomad Survival has seen a surge in player numbers over the last day and many have been taking the plunge into the greatly received experience. It is a hidden gem for many and that gem may become a beacon of light over the next while making players flock from all over the world to try it out for themselves. If you are starting up the game, you will be wanting to learn and get used to all of the characters as with any game. This guide article will take you through how to unlock every character in Nomad Survival.

Unlocking Every Character in Nomad Survival

There are a total of nine playable characters in the game as of the time of writing. Three of the characters will be unlocked automatically when you start up the game so you don’t have to worry about getting those ones. The table below will inform you of what you have to do and the challenges you need to complete in order to get all of the characters in the game.

Character Name How to Unlock
Adventurer Unlocked automatically from the start
Crusader Unlocked automatically from the start
Cultist Unlocked automatically from the start
Ratfolk Archer Obtain the ‘Pest Control’ achievement by slaying 1000 rats which will unlock the character for you
The Divine Defeat the Froghemoth boss
The Quickling You will need to destroy the very first portal in ‘The Crossroads’ in 30 seconds
The Necromancer Slay/kill 1000 Zombies
The Knight You will need to defeat ‘The Entity’
The Whisperer Defeating the first three bosses in ‘The Ruined Dungeon’ while standing on top of the Sacrificial Circle will get you this character

As can be observed, generally the tasks are quite simple to unlock the characters although the final character to unlock will probably take you the longest because of the tougher bosses. You’ll be unlocking new characters very soon!

Nomad Survival is available to download right now on Steam/PC.

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