How to Unlock Every Schematic in MW3 Zombies

Bring the Wunderwaffe DG-2 you made to the battlefield!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Unlock Every Schematic in MW3 Zombies
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While you’re braving the endless hordes of zombies in the Urzikstan exclusion zone, you’ll want to be prepared. Acquisitions are handy, but being able to craft them on a mild cooldown can come in clutch, so here’s our guide on how to unlock every schematic in MW3 Zombies.

How to Unlock All Schematic and Perk Recipes in MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

You can unlock every schematic in MW3 Zombies either by completing contracts found in all 3 Threat Zones or by completing specific missions for certain recipes. Below is a chart listing all schematics you can unlock and how to get them in MWZ:

Acquisition TypeMW3 SchematicHow to Unlock
Aether ToolUncommon Aether ToolSaboteur‘ Act 1 Mission
Aether ToolRare Aether ToolExterminator‘ Act 2 Mission
Aether ToolEpic Aether ToolThreat Zone 3 Contract Reward
Aetherium CrystalRaw Aetherium CrystalThreat Zone 2 Contract Reward
Aetherium CrystalRefined Aetherium CrystalThreat Zone 3 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaDeadshot DaiquiriThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaDeath PerceptionTwo Factor Authentication‘ Act 3 Mission
Perk-a-ColaElemental PopThreat Zone 3 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaJugger-NogThreat Zone 2 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaQuick ReviveChaperone‘ Act 1 Mission
Perk-a-ColaSpeed ColaThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaStamin-UpThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaPHD FlopperThreat Zone 2 Contract Reward
Perk-a-ColaTombstoneThreat Zone 3 Contract Reward
Ammo ModBrain RotThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Ammo ModCryo FreezeThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Ammo ModNapalm BurstThreat Zone 1 Contract Reward
Ammo ModDead WireThreat Zone 2 Contract Reward
Ammo ModShatter BlastThreat Zone 2 Contract Reward
WeaponWunderwaffe DG-2Holdout‘ Act 3 Mission
WeaponRay GunThreat Zone 3 Contract Reward

As you can tell, MW3 Zombies rewards you steadily with schematic drops as you complete the story missions, but even more when you complete the contracts.

While these are by no means a guarantee, it can be quite gratifying to get a lucky pull on a Reward Rift and find them. Each schematic is marked in the loot menu with a golden icon indicating its rarity. Exfil with these to keep them forever, making your life easier while playing MWZ.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2023

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