How to Unlock Ripper in Modern Warfare 3

Here's how you can unlock the Ripper in Modern Warfare 3.

by Christian Bognar
Ripper Operator Modern Warfare 3
Image: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 launched with 25 different operators, each with a unique look. One popular operator of SpecGru is Ripper, and if you’re looking to unlock it, you have come to the right place as this guide will explain how to unlock Ripper and tips on doing so.

How to Unlock the Ripper Operator in MW3

Players can unlock the Ripper operator in Modern Warfare 3 by getting 100 kills in a single Zombies match. This in-game challenge may seem ridiculous, considering 100 is a high number, but don’t worry. It’s relatively easy, considering the number of Zombies appearing in a single match is very large. Read onto the next section to learn some tips on how to complete this in-game challenge so you can unlock the Ripper operator.

How to Get 100 Zombie Kills in a Single Match

The best way to get 100 zombie kills in a single match is by grouping enemies together and either using explosives, heavy machine guns, or a strong assault rifle. To do this, run into an open field, allowing the zombies to run toward you, where they gather into a group. When the time is right, mow them down with your weapon. You can also do this method in a vehicle, running over the whole group and killing them upon impact.

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Keep in mind that the longer you stay in a match, the number of zombies will grow and they will become more aggressive. To ensure you stay alive and reach that 100 kill count, focus on getting Perk-a-Colas from around the map, obtain new wall weapons, and look for Field Upgrades.

Additionally, having squadmates instead of playing solo will help with the number of kills you get. I found that it is tough to get 100 kills as a solo player, as the number of Zombies can become overwhelming when you’re on your own.

Stay on the move, aim for the head, and group the zombies together for multiple kills. Doing so, you should reach 100 kills easily to unlock the Ripper operator!

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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