How to Unlock Vehicle Delivery in Saints Row

Get those vehicles delivered to you quickly in Saints Row!

by Gordon Bicker


Saints Row is known for its diverse open worlds, whimsical humor, and thrilling vehicles and weapons within the series. Of course, with all of the vehicles within this particular title, you will be wanting to collect as many of them as possible. Thankfully, there is indeed a way to get your vehicles delivered to you however you will have to unlock that functionality first. While you are playing with others, getting one of your new fancy cars sent to you will always be a great way to show off a bit if you like to do that. This guide article will take you through the entire process of how to unlock vehicle delivery in Saints Row.

Unlocking Vehicle Delivery in Saints Row

The process of unlocking vehicle delivery thankfully is quite simple when you know how to actually start the journey of unlocking the feature. You will likely be familiar with JimRob’s Garage and this is going to be a vital location for you while unlocking the function. In order to gain the Vehicle Delivery option, you have to complete all the missions tied to JimRob’s Garage Venture. These missions can be started after the 5th main story mission is complete which is named ‘A Piece of the Action’.

When you are ready, start completing the missions which will have you stealing a variety of vehicles and delivering the cars required to JimRob. When you have brought the desired car from each mission to them, you will finally unlock the Vehicle Delivery feature. This is why the Vehicle Delivery system is a bit hidden away. It does require a good chunk of work to unlock the feature but when you have it you’ll be ordering cars blissfully to your location!

Saints Row is available at this very moment for all of the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on PC.

- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2022

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