How to Watch YouTube Videos With Friends Together on Discord

Watching YouTube on Discord together!

by Gordon Bicker


Discord has a host of interesting features that some users may overlook from time to time. One such feature is the ability to watch YouTube videos together by use of the ‘Activities’ functionality. From being able to play games with each other and even the ability to watch YouTube videos together. Discord is one for making bold moves into integrating with many platforms, such as the ability to set up voice chat on Discord with Xbox. This article will inform you of how you can take advantage of the Activities features which in turn will give you details on how to watch YouTube on Discord with someone.

Watching YouTube on Discord With Friends

In order to start up the feature, you will have to go to a server-based voice chat channel and enter it. Down on the bottom left there will be a rocketship symbol/icon which you have to press. This is the ‘Activities’ feature. When you have clicked the icon, a menu will come up with a lot of different screens and options on it. Click the one that says ‘Watch Together’ and has the YouTube logo. From there, you will be able to search for whatever video you may want to watch together and start playing it.

The ability to do this is, of course, a game-changer for anyone who frequently tries to time watching videos with others over a call to the exact millisecond. These sorts of features will ensure that the platform continues to be somewhere which thrives for people who enjoy group activities. The feature also gives you the ability to create a queue of videos that are played in order and one person is generally the ‘controller’ for the party. Although the ‘controller’ can indeed be swapped and even given to all users at one time. With luck, you won’t encounter any issues that you have to learn how to fix such as the ‘Stuck on Checking for Updates’ error that some may get from time to time with the platform.

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