How to Win Solo Matches in MultiVersus Consistently | MultiVersus Tips and Tricks to Win More

Winning solo matches in MultiVersus!

by Gordon Bicker


MultiVersus is preparing to go into the main open beta phase tomorrow but many have already been playing the early access of the open beta with immense joy. While playing through the experience, people will be wanting to test out the various modes available to them and one of these modes will be a go-to for many and that is the 1v1 mode. If you are wanting a battle just with one other player then you will definitely be making your way to the good ole duel-inspired mode. This guide article will take you through how to win solo matches in MultiVersus consistently.

Winning Solo Matches Consistently in MultiVersus

There are many tips and tricks that you can utilize to consistently win matches in the solo 1v1 matches of MultiVersus. The first trick that can allow you to get a lot of wins is of course utilizing the dodge mechanic a lot. It can be the difference between going on a two-match win streak and a five-match win streak. Whenever you learn the enemy player’s attack patterns (another great strategy), you will be able to determine when the best time to dodge is. If you know they are about to unleash a powerful attack, be sure to dodge it quickly and efficiently. Air dodges are just as effective!

Furthermore, the key to winning a lot of solo matches can be determined by selecting a character that best matches you as a player and what you prefer. I have found that Harley Quinn is an excellent choice for 1v1 matches. There is a lot of versatility and the bombs she has on offer can turn the tide of any battle, especially the ability with the balloons. Notably, Arya Stark can be another character that is great to use, her side attack will allow her to spin towards her enemies which can inflict a lot of damage quickly. It is also excellent at keeping your enemy back.

You may also find that attacking an enemy immediately after they attack will allow you to keep getting a lot of damage on them without incurring too much damage in general. You will be getting that win streak up in no time!

MultiVersus will be released in Open Beta form tomorrow for the platforms of: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, and PC.

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