If a Chaser Keeps Their Hand on the Quaffle as It Goes Through the Goal, What Foul Are They Committing in Hogwarts Legacy?

Seems you can't quite dunk on the competition this way, in Quidditch at least.

by J.R. Waugh
Hogwarts Legacy Chaser Quaffle Foul
Image: Avalanche Software

Quidditch is the iconic favorite sport in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a game played on flying broomsticks to cheering crowds, where Quaffles are thrown through hoops for points, players dodge flying Bludgers, and the Seeker must end the game by catching the Golden Snitch. It’s a surprisingly rough sport, but an exhilarating one, with a few straightforward rules. One such rule is what foul a Chaser commits when they put the Quaffle through the goal hoop in Quidditch, a question you’ll be asked in Hogwarts Legacy.

Quidditch Foul: What Do You Call It When a Chaser Mishandles a Quaffle Into a Goal in Hogwarts Legacy?

This foul is called Haversacking, and it applies only to Chasers as the Quaffle must be thrown through the goal in Quidditch as referenced in Hogwarts Legacy. For the sake of visualizing the context, this means that you can’t dunk the Quaffle through the goal as if you were playing Basketball. They keep the game fair as Chasers, the primary scoring players of the team, try to score the goal simply by throwing it through the hoop. If you’re asked by Sophronia Franklin about this, you’ll be given the following choices:

  • Blatching.
  • Haversacking. 
  • Stooging.

Answering this is part of round 2 of Sophronia’s questions. Completing them all gains you 3 Wiggenweld Potions, 1 Maxima Potion, and 1 Edurus Potion.

What Are the Other Quidditch Foul Terms in this Quiz?

If you’re curious about the other terms thrown around here, they are also fouls in Quidditch. Blatching is to fly with the intent to collide, similar to body-checking in Hockey, and it applies to all players, unlike Haversacking which is for Chasers. Stooging is for when more than one Chaser enters the scoring area and is only for Chasers.

While Quidditch is a wild, crazy sport, it’s exciting to imagine, and aside from bewitched lumps of iron trying to knock you off of your broomstick, not too different from how other sports are played.

- This article was updated on February 19th, 2023