Is Battlenet Down? Here’s How to Check Server Status

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by J.R. Waugh
Battlenet Down Server Status is Blizzard’s multiplayer and social media platform, enabling players worldwide to connect and enjoy their favorite games from Diablo to Overwatch. But with a globally reaching service, sometimes there can be hiccups in the delivery, such as with the most recent issue Battlenet is facing. If you’re wondering if Battlenet is currently down, chances are you’re not alone, and there are plenty of ways to track when the server is going back up, as well as the status of any maintenance.

How to Check if Battlenet Server is Down

The quickest resource to check the network status in the broad sense for big games like these is to use Downdetector, as it’s user-reported and allows you to see spikes in server down status like Battlenet. Additionally, Blizzard has a strong customer support line on their Twitter account, allowing you to see the latest updates.

How to Check Battlenet Server Status

With Blizzard in particular, you’ll often find updates like Breaking News banners on the bottom of your Battlenet launcher to let you know if your server is down, and the status or what’s happening to fix it. This can include general outages but also cases like on February 15, 2023, where there have been authentication issues. This can result in “slow or failed login attempts” as mentioned by Blizzard, but they are often aware of these types of issues.

If you’re looking to troubleshoot and don’t see updates on social media or spikes in server outages on sites like Downdetector, be sure to check your installation, and consider install repairs/reinstallation. It can’t hurt in many cases if you’re having issues that don’t show up on social channels. However, as a rule of thumb, verify how often the issue occurs and whether it’s acknowledged by other players or the developers before resorting to something drastic like reinstallation.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023