Is Bonelab a Sequel to Boneworks?

See if this game follows the storyline of Boneworks

by Caleb Stultz


Bonelab is a VR game is that is on Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR. A few months ago in April, Meta Quest Gaming gave us a look at a few titles to look forward to when playing in VR, an up-and-coming alternative to sitting down with a controller in hand or a mouse and keyboard. One title coming along is Bonelab. Is Bonelab a sequel to Boneworks? Read on to find out.

Bonelab: A Sequel to Boneworks, or its Own Game?

Bonelab is a sequel to Boneworks. The physics-based adventure game is aiming for a late 2022 release on Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR.

In its reveal trailer, Bonelab showed us a familiar world that was set up in Boneworks by Stress Level Zero. The original game’s emphasis on physics and reality-shaping is exactly what set it apart from earlier VR games. As the medium is catching up, Boneworks was setting a standard for VR gaming. Along with the announcement trailer, Stress Level Zero gave a synopsis of what the game will be about.

Bonelab is an action-adventure physics game that will feature two years of improvement upon the original game’s interaction engine, Marrow. The studio’s most ambitious project yet will include the ability to fight, climb, jump, and alter their form to get through the main story. Unlike Boneworks, the various new abilities put into play through Bonelab will see a revolution in the VR gaming space.

Though it will have the same engine, Bonelab works to offer a unique experience disconnected from its predecessor while subtly referencing Boneworks. The game’s story, world, and characters are unique and set apart from Boneworks.

Right now, we have plenty to show you about how the game will play, guides on how to beat hard missions in the game and how to fix the OpenXR Loader Error that many players are experiencing right now. See if your game will cross-save between PC and Quest 2 as well.

Bonelab is available now on PC and Meta Quest.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2022

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