Is Escape From Tarkov Down? How to Check Server Status

Are you wondering if Escape from Tarkov is down?

by Gordon Bicker

Escape From Tarkov has players running through its world on a day-to-day basis surviving against the odds, of course, everyone’s experience can be impacted whenever servers go down or error codes appear. While people may be working through money-making tips for the experience, the last thing they would likely want is to be impacted by a server outage when a strategy is working excellently for them. This article will take you through how to learn if Escape from Tarkov is down accurately.

Checking if Escape from Tarkov is Down

Thankfully, with this game, you won’t have to be running about random ‘Down Detector’ sites to find out accurate information if servers are actually down or not. Escape from Tarkov has its very own dedicated official server status webpage that you can visit through this link and it will inform you of everything you need to know about the current server statuses for the game. From ‘Matchmaking’ to even ‘Trading’, everything is covered here for checking if the game is down or not.

When using the page, you can tell if a server/service is down if the green dots change to another color. It should be noted that a blue color indicates that the game is ‘updating’ and that is why servers likely wouldn’t be working at that point. Another aspect to note is that on the page you can view current messages about the status of the game on the right-hand side and down on the bottom you can view any current issues with the server. This should be clear if there are no issues with the game.

Are Error Codes Common for Escape from Tarkov?

It could be said that error codes tend to be just as frequent with Escape from Tarkov as any other heavily online game, it is common to see times when a game needs to be quickly fixed after a server outage, and Escape from Tarkov is no different. When error codes and server issues do arise, the best thing to do is always wait until the developers officially fix the issue within as little time as possible.

You may find yourself trying to learn how to fix bad gateway errors in Escape from Tarkov among other issues that appear.

Escape from Tarkov is available at this very moment for PC.

- This article was updated on December 28th, 2022

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