NIKKE Marciana Skills, Burst, and Kit Explained

Should you pull for this SSR healer?

by Diego Perez
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Debuting after the limited 2B and A2 banners, Marciana is the newest SSR to join the Nikke roster. While she may not be as exciting as the Nier crossover characters on paper, Marciana has the potential to become one of the strongest support units in Nikke, especially on the PVP side of things. Most dedicated commanders already have some strong support Nikkes on their team, but Marciana is a great unit for new commanders who may not have a good healer on their roster yet.

Should You Pull for Marciana in Nikke?

If you need a good support unit for your Nikke team, then Marciana is worth pulling. I know most of you are low on gems after the Nier crossover event, but Marciana isn’t a limited character so she won’t be disappearing after her Special Recruitment banner is over. She’ll join the Standard Recruitment pool shortly after her banner ends, so you can just add her to your wishlist and have an increased chance of pulling her from there.

While other great SSR healer units already exist in Nikke, Marciana’s burst is great for keeping your team topped off because it stores excess HP recovery, encouraging you to use it even if your team isn’t in dire need of healing. She’ll play an interesting role for a healer, so you should consider pulling for her even if you’ve already invested in other supports.

Marciana Burst, Skills, and Kit

Marciana is a supporter Iron Code Nikke manufactured by Elysion. Her weapon of choice is a shotgun. She possesses powerful HP recovery ability and her Burst lets her store excess HP recovery for a certain period of time. Basically, she can overheal and store what’s left over.

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Her passive skill activates when the last bullet hits the target and recovers a portion of attack damage (10.95%) as HP for all allies over 3 seconds. Alos, the 2 allies with the highest attack stat will have increased HP potency for that same period. Basically, her passive heals your entire team with an emphasis on your strongest Nikkes. Her second passive activates when using Burst and recovers 28.11% of her final Max HP for your entire team.

Her Burst skill is level 2. If the target was healed for more than their Max HP, the excess healing will be stored for up to 27.87% of Marciana’s Max HP for 10 seconds. Everyone’s defense will also be increased by 20.9% of Marciana’s defense as well. For a level 2 Burst, this is one of the best healing skills in the game.

Because of her kit, she’s going to be compared to healers like Pepper, one of the best support units in the game. Her manufacturer sets her apart though, and an Elysion healer can really help some team compositions. Plus, her Arena potential is great on top of that.

- This article was updated on September 26th, 2023

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