Is Michael Buffer In Undisputed? – Who Is The Announcer

Will you be ready to rumble with Michael Buffer leading the charge? Find out here.

by Shaun Cichacki

Boxing fans around the world know the unchallenged voice of Michael Buffer, and even David Diamante for their dulcet tones before kicking off a beautiful round of the sweet science. With the sheer amount of talent available in Undisputed, the currently unchallenged king of the ring, players may be hoping to hear them before taking to the squared circle.

Will players hear the tired and true “Let’s get ready to rumble” before they start a match, or will they be gassed before taking center stage? Let’s dive in and find out who has lent their vocal talents to this particular project, and if Michael Buffer is going to be in this one.

Who Lent Their Voice to Undisputed? Commentators, Announcers & More

While it may be a little disappointing to hear this, Michael Buffer and David Diamante do not make an appearance in this particular title just yet. However, with this game being in the early stages of Early Access, alongside the promise of regular additions to the roster, there is a chance that we may someday hear these familiar voices once again.

However, the Commentators that deliver heavy-hitting play-by-plays during the action may sound very familiar to those that love the sport. Bringing their talents to the stage, Todd Grisham and Johnny Nelson make an appearance, and hopefully, the addition of well-known Commentators such as Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas could be on the line in the future.

With many features still awaiting a proper release, there is a chance that we will see these familiar names and faces make a return, as it seems that the hype is high for this particular challenger to the boxing hall of fame.

Players may need to wait a little while before getting their hands on this title on a console of their choice, but gamers that have a beefy enough PC can jump into the action now.

Undisputed is available now in Early Access on PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023