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Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming to PC

The lastest entry in the series may be a timed-exclusive on the Switch.

by Brandon Adams


Monster Hunter Rise is the next entry in the long-running franchise from Capcom, and despite it being a Nintendo Switch exclusive there’s been rumors and leaks hinting at a possible PC version of the game. Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC, or should we take all these rumors and leaks with a massive grain of salt? In this instance it appears the rumors and leaks are very likely true.

Various leaks point towards Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC next year.

For those who’ve been following the latest gaming news over the last few months, it’s no secret Capcom has recently fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Around the same time as the attack, rumors and leaks started circulating claiming Monster Hunter Rise, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, would in fact come to PC, albeit 9 months after the game’s March 23rd launch on Nintendo’s hardware. A full tech spec has been posted over on, and in it we can see support for unlocked framerates, ultrawide monitors, higher resolutions, and more PC-specific settings not likely to be supported by the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Twitter user AsterikAmpersand has been compiling all the leaked information (they’re the “likely” source for all the pastebin drops), and they recently found some code in the demo that lends additional credence to the Monster Hunter Rise PC rumors. Within the codebase for the demo is “/Render/PCTargetAPI:DirectX11”, an odd line to include in a Switch-only title. Between the December leaks and this bit of code in the demo, it seems like Monster Hunter World is indeed coming to PC, just not for some time.

It makes sense for Capcom to bring the title over to PC. Monster Hunter: World is their highest selling game of all time, and when it launched on Steam it was in the top five played games for months, hitting an all-time player count of 334,684 at its peak. Monster Hunter Rise is slated to be yet another standout addition to the series, iterating even further on World’s more accessible template.

But, Monster Hunter Rise is still built with the Nintendo Switch in mind. I’d wager the majority of all future Monster Hunter titles will release on PC eventually, with Rise becoming the Nintendo-focused brand, and World the Microsoft and Sony-oriented moniker. That last bit is a personal theory, so I’ll be interested in seeing whether or not I’m right on that front. That all said, it looks like Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC. We just have to wait on an official confirmation of such from Capcom at this point. You can read the full list of PC tech specs from the first leak below in the meantime.

  • Regarding frame rate
    30FPS limit, 60FPS limit, FPS fluctuation (essentially no upper limit) option
    By adding an upper limit of 144 and 165 as a bonus, it corresponds to two specifications of currently popular monitors. According to the feeling of CES held in January, it is expected that 240Hz (240FPS) monitors will become popular in the future.
  • Note: PC games PC games support variable refresh rate modes such as G-SYNC and Free Sync (no extra coding required)
  • Monitor output resolution
    Allows you to output any resolution according to your monitor / Windows environment
    Do not hard-code the output resolution or limit it to 720p (Switch handheld mode) or 1080p (docking mode)
  • Input / output device optimization
  • Key binding / customization, mouse input optimization using direct input (avoid analog stick emulation)
  • UI navigation via mouse / keyboard
  • Fine-tune / options for baseline graphics and video output performance
  • Texture filtering, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, shadow quality options, V-sync ON / OFF.
  • The game should support full screen, window mode, and borderless window mode
  • 21: 9 (ultra wide) and other graphics related support

- This article was updated on:January 13th, 2021

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