Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen? How to Play Sea of Thieves with Friends

Play with your mateys!

by Kara Phillips

As fun as it is to take to the high seas as a solo captain, one of the main appeals of a game like Sea of Thieves is the ability to invite and play with friends. In addition, players can invite and create their crew from their first few hours with the game, making the entire experience a lot more exciting. So if you’re looking to craft a band of fellow pirates, read on.

How to Invite Friends to Sea of Thieves

Before inviting your friends to Sea of Thieves, you need to make sure you have your friends added first. For both Xbox and PC players, friends can be added through the Xbox app by following the friends menu and adding your desired crewmates to your list. You will need to make sure you have your chosen friends added before opening Sea of Thieves to make crafting your crew easier since you cannot send and receive invites within the game unless you are friends via the Xbox app. If you already have added friends, you can skip this step and immediately open the game.

You can select your crew size from the game’s main menu, providing ample space to invite your friends to join your crew. For example, for can choose a sloop to a two-player crew, or if you have a few extra hands on deck, you’ll be better off with a Galleon. Once you have selected your vessel, you will be prompted to invite between one and three friends, and then you’ll be able to take to the seas and set sail. If any slots remain open, they will be filled by the game matchmaking system.

Once you are in a game, you will be unable to invite any more friends, and every crewmate will have to abandon the ship and leave the session before any new companions can join. However, if there is still a gap in your crew that hasn’t been filled by automatic matchmaking, you can click on your friend’s Xbox name through the Xbox App to join their session. This method is slightly hit-and-miss but is reportedly more effective than not.

Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen?

Despite the multiplayer capabilities of Sea of Thieves, it doesn’t support split-screen multiplayer. This applies to both the Xbox and PC versions of the game, so no matter your platform, you will need to work on your own device rather than sitting with your other crewmates to play. With a game like Sea of Thieves, there is constantly so much happening which is worth focusing on that split screen may take away from what you need to pay attention to, so there are no plans for it to be implemented in the future either.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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