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Is Serious Sam 4 on PS4

Hope you don't mind waiting till next year.

by Brandon Adams


After nearly a decade since the last entry in the franchise, Serious Sam 4 is finally out on PC, Stadia, and . . . wait, is it actually out on PS4? Yeah, about that. Thanks to good ole Google, Serious fans eager to frag enemies in the latest Serious Sam game on their PS4s will have to wait till next year.

Serious Sam 4 will not arrive on PS4 till 2021.

Seriously, thank Google for this. Serious Sam 4 is a Google Stadia console exclusive at launch. Yes, that means Google considers Stadia a console, and they paid money to deny both Microsoft and Sony immediate access to the game. It’s not much different than the timed-exclusive deals Sony has been signing lately, but it still feels weird. It’s a streaming service; not a box you plug into the TV! This was not on my next-gen bingo card, that’s for sure.

If you were hoping to use Stadia’s free trial to at least play Serious Sam 4 at launch, despite it not being on the PS4, I have some additional bad news. Serious Sam 4 is not a Stadia Pro game, meaning you’ll need to pay the full $40 MSRP to play it . . . via the cloud, and only the cloud. I’m obviously not a fan of this, if my previous work is any indication, and it means both PS4 and Xbox Serious Sam fans will have to wait until an undetermined date in 2021 before getting their hands on the fast-paced shooter. At least by then Croteam should iron out all the jank, so that’s a minor win I guess.

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