Is Super People Coming to Consoles?

Will we see Super People on consoles?

by Shubhendu Vatsa


The beta period for Super People ended recently and the question on almost every console player’s mind is whether Super People will be coming to consoles or not. Developed by Wonder People, it is the latest entrant in the Battle Royale genre and even bears some map design similarities to PUBG’s Erangel map. The game also has several characters with their own distinct ability and advantages, which can help you survive and beat everyone else.

While PC players have managed to get their hands on the game via beta tests, many console players are left wondering if or when Wonder People will release it on consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox.

Is Super People Coming to PlayStation?

Currently, Wonder People has shown no intentions or made any comments about Super People launching on PlayStation consoles. The beta period for the game just ended and the developers must be busy with fixing all the different issues, making changes to some mechanics and working on the feedback from the players. The launch of Super People is another major agenda on Wonder People’s list.

With all this and other issues on their plate, it’s easy to see why the developers are not rushing to any decisions or promises about the release of the game on consoles.

Is Super People Coming to Xbox?

Sadly, as of writing this article, Super People is not coming to Xbox. As for the reasons stated above as well as a ton of internal reasons, you can not play the game on any Xbox console as of right now. However, all is not lost as the developers might come out with a surprise announcement in the future. There is a possibility that we might not see the game on consoles altogether, similar to Valorant. The free-to-play shooter has been around on PC for a long time now and it seems like Riot wants it to stay that way.

This can be bad for fans and players who desperately wanted to enjoy it on consoles. With that said, these are mere speculations and the developers can at any time choose to expand the game’s reach.

Is Super People Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Currently, Super People is not coming to Nintendo Switch. Even though the Switch is an old handheld console it can still handle demanding games without breaking a sweat, thanks to the excellent game optimization by the developers. So, Nintendo players should not lose hope and look out for any official statements by Wonder People.

- This article was updated on December 28th, 2021

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