Is the Express Star Pass Worth It in Honkai Star Rail?

Should you get these Star Passes?

by Christian Bognar
Honkai Star Rail are the Star Rail Passes Worth it
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Star Rail Passes are one of the consumable items in Honkai: Star Rail and act like a travel pass. The in-game description of these passes is “Astral Express Universal Pass. Travel as far as the Star Rail stretches..” So what does this mean? And are these passes worth the player’s time and energy to obtain them? This guide will detail Star Rail Passes and whether they are worth it.

Are the Star Passes Worth it in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Simply put, the Star Rail Passes are a consumable item that players can use for a Standard Warp and Beginner Warp. Also, there is a special version of these passes called the Star Rail Special Pass which players can use for Limited-Time Event Warps.

These three warps are one of the main ways to acquire characters along with Light Cones. So if one of your main goals is to seek out those two essential categories — then the Star Rail Passes are most definitely worth it. Light Cones are items players can equip to their characters for powerful buffs.

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Bonuses for Standard and Beginner Warp from Star Rail Passes

Some bonuses with the Standard Warp and Beginner Warp are included for the Star Rail Passes. The Standard Warp guarantees at least one 4-star object or above with every 10-wish set, and the Beginner Warp also guarantees a 4-star or above object. But, what is so great about the Beginner Warp is that it also guarantees a 5-star character within 50 warps.

As for the Star Rail Special Pass — the limited-time event warp allows the player to participate in these special events through these warps. What these special events will entail is unknown, but more information will come as they are announced throughout the year.

How to Purchase Star Rail Passes

There are three different ways players can purchase Star Rail Passes. It may take some time if you have just started the game, but follow the purchase methods below to get your hands on them as soon as possible.

  • Purchase a single pass with 160 Stellar Jade (Unlimited)
  • Purchase a single pass with 10 Starlight (Unlimited)
  • Purchase a single pass with 150 Embers (One-time only)

So, by the looks of it, the Star Rail Passes are worth it in Honkai: Star Rail. It is a complex system, but the more you play the game, the easier it will become to understand and feel like second nature. When you obtain new characters with these Star Rail Passes, ensure you know how to ascend that character quickly with our guide.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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