Is the MultiVersus Battle Pass Worth It?

All the juicy rewards! Is the Gleamium paid worth it?

by Elliott Gatica


Now that MultiVersus is in open beta, more players are going to get their hands on the game and play as some of their favorite characters from the many WB franchises. Following the trend of free-to-play games, this also has a battle pass included. Battle passes have been a new staple in many games for a while, being somewhat of a commitment to get it all done before a season ends. That seems to be the case here, so is the MultiVersus Battle Pass worth it? We’ll break it down below.

Is the MultiVersus Battle Pass Worth It?

Right now, the game is in pre-season with a battle pass. It’s not a typical battle pass with multiple levels since this will only go on for another two weeks. What it does is somewhat lay out the blueprint of what a full-fledged battle pass will be as the game ages.

What you get as an owner of the pass is a lot of cosmetics, ranging from ring-out VFX, icons, stickers, character costumes, XP boosters, and toast. If you’re someone who is dedicated to the game and wants to have more customizations for your character profile and individual fighters, this pass is definitely worth it.

The current preseason battle pass is available for 300 Gleamium right now, so you’ll have to spend $5 USD at the minimum since there is no option to buy exactly 300. You can also get it by purchasing any tier of Founder’s Packs. What we don’t know so far is that in future battle passes, you’ll earn Gleamium to a point where you can buy next season’s passes with some change left over.

You don’t have to buy the MultiVersus battle pass to get anything different other than exclusive cosmetics. Such cosmetics include the Jake Cake skin or the Uncle Shagworthy skin for Shaggy. You won’t be locked out from playing the base characters. Besides, since the game is in early access, the store isn’t there yet. If you really want cosmetics for a particular character, they would appear there apart from the battle pass ones.

All in all, if you really want to get the Pre-Season Battle Pass, we recommend it. This does mean that you have to be committed to playing the game if you want to reap all the rewards that it has to offer. Just complete the daily and seasonal milestones and you should get everything in no time!

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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