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Can you stream the Pizza Tower OST?

by Shaun Cichacki

Pizza Tower, the ooey, gooey debut by Tour de Pizza, has one of the most sensational soundtracks to grace a game since Neon White. Taking a massive load of inspiration from the Wario Land franchise, not only in visuals and gameplay, but Pizza Tower also pops the soundtrack in the oven and bakes it to perfection. Unironically, there is a breakdance button baked into this game, and it’s for a good reason.

But, for those hoping to listen to “It’s Pizza Time” wherever they may need a boost of inspiration, is there anywhere to stream this particular soundtrack, or will players need to pony up an additional $10 to claim it for their own? Let’s face off against Pizzahead and the crew while finding out if Pizza Tower’s OST is available to stream on any platform.

Can You Stream The Pizza Tower OST?

For players hoping to get a taste of what’s available, the Pizza Tower Steam Trailer shows off one of the piping hot tracks, fresh off the stone. This gives players a succulent taste of what’s in store for them, this isn’t even the best song on the soundtrack, but it instantly gets players ready to dive into the adventure.

However, as it currently stands of this writing, there is no proper place to stream this electrifying OST. This may come as a bit of a shame but fear not, dear Pizza Tower fan, as the developers have confirmed that it will soon be streaming on Spotify.

When will it make its debut on streaming services? Currently, that information is unknown, but the game is quite new on Steam and may take a little bit of time to cool before we can stick these scrumptious tunes right into our ear canals. With the sheer amount of popularity the game has achieved in a short period, we can only hope we can take this music on the go, much like we hope to take the game on the go with a Nintendo Switch port.

Pizza Tower is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023