Is There a New Game Plus in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Are you prepared to do it all over again but with even higher stakes?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja

When it comes to any souls-like game, players oftentimes want to run the game a second time on an even higher difficulty. New Game Plus is a standard endgame mode after the credits, so does this exist in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Where do you go after completing the story?

Is There a New Game Plus in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

There actually is a New Game Plus in the game. It’s just labeled differently. This mode is called Rising Dragon. The original difficulty, as in your first playthrough, is called Crouching Dragon. 

In this NG+ mode, Rising Dragon, the first mission will start at level 100. You’ll start back in the Village of Calamity, but will also have Parts 2 and 3 unlocked too. Of course, missions in the later Parts will have higher levels.

What’s the Point of New Game Plus?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The next playthrough of Wo Long will have its reasons for you to come back. You may have noticed that your gear caps out at 4-star rarity. In the Rising Dragon mode, you can now earn 5-star gear which contains additional stats and set bonuses compared to the normal mode.

This is where you can start farming for builds and maximizing the stats for a weapon class you like. At this point in the game, it would also be wise to upgrade the gear you want to invest in as enemies will be even tougher. 

Enemy levels will also be increased. They’ll hit harder and will have higher Morale levels than they did in your previous playthrough. The maximum Fortitude level cap for a mission is 20, but enemies can now surpass that here.

To succeed in this mode, you will now have to pay closer attention to how your build works alongside your general knowledge of Wo Long. You have to be really good at parrying, know when to engage an enemy, and don’t lose precious Qi.